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Modeling Simulation Field

Simulation Field is composed of
Gray squares are obstacles, red points are cross-points, and blue lines are roads.

You assign with polygon.
Obstacles attenuate strength of radio waves.

structure of roads
You assign the graph with cross-points as vertices and roads as edges.
And you assign width of road as property of edge.

Nodes move along this roads mainly.
Unique number(ID) is assigned to each cross-point, and you assign destinations with the number(ID) when you describe behavior of nodes.

Input Assistant GUI
We will implement Input Assistant GUI which make obstacles and roads on a map.
Information of obstacles and roads made by the GUI is converted into input format, and it is outputs.

input format
You slot in C++ source cord described Information of Field, and compile it.

We denote source description based on above image as an example.

coordinate system

Upper left is original point. Unit of distance is assigned in simulation scenario.
(Now, we assume unit of distance is meter.)

>source(piece abstract)