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Simulation Scenario

You need assign the following elements as Simulation Scenario.


You assign unit of time or distance when you describe this scenario and CPE model.
time : minute / second
distance : kilometer / meter / centimeter

Simulation time

You assign how long simulate.

Simulation start clock

You assign clock when simulation starts.

Setting of primitive actions

You assign whether nodes take primitive actions or not.
We implement only Collision Avoidance now. We will implement more mobility function.

Generator of node information

You assign default of variables (P,V,Dlist) , number of generated node, and generated interval of nodes.
You assign position of the nodes are generated with cross-point ID : defined in simulation field.
You assign speed. Unit of speed is combination of units of time and distance. (e.g if units of time and distance are second and meter, unit of speed is m/sec.)
You add structure dsts (see mobility model) of destinations to list of destinations Dlist. You assign point of destination dst.p with cross-point ID : defined in simulation field.

>source(piece abstract)